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with built-in dual USB ports

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  • Wireless control: Control plugged-in devices wherever you have internet using the free app.

  • Automation: Schedule to automatically power electronics on and off as needed.

  • Safety: Gain peace of mind knowing you’ll never leave devices running again.

  • Dual USB ports: Engineered with a built-in dual USB charger for extra usability and convenience.

  • Compact design: Slim design allows for two Smart Plugs in a standard outlet.

  • Smart charge: Identifies your device and delivers the quickest charge.

Additional information


100-120V~, 50/60Hz, 15.0A (0.1A, product only)


15A Maximum load

System Requirement

Mobile device running iOS 8 or higher or Android 4.1x or higher

Device Compatibility

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


No Hub Required

Operating environment



Requires Wi-Fi connection with internet access.
Connected devices require an on/off switch.

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2 reviews for Smart Plug

  1. russ

    great plugs interface to alexa no problem
    will gladly buy more
    have 4 in use noe

  2. Kim

    Will only allow one user to connect. Would like to have 2 users have access to it.

    • fanny

      To add a “Family Member” to have access to the account and be able to control devices on the account, they need to follow these steps:
      1. Download the atomi smart app on the family members phone/tablet and create a new account (and note the username created). From there, they will be required to set-up a “Family”. This can be something temporary to later be deleted once they are added to the main family account.
      2. From the original administrator account and with smart devices set-up, press “Me” on the bottom right, then “Home Management”.
      3. Within “Home Management”, press the original family that was created with the active devices.
      4. Under “Family Members” section, press “Add Members”
      5. Enter the Family Members’ Name
      6. Enter the Account Number (second account’s username that was originally set-up – either email or phone number)
      7. Press “Complete” on the top right
      Once the family member is added, they can then access the original “Family” and control all devices. This family can be found on the top left corner of the “My Home” screen. At this point, if the second user desires, they can delete the start-up family that they created, although this step isn’t necessary.
      Let us know if you need anything else.

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