Wireless Charging

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging, also called inductive charging, is the transfer of power from a power source to your device without using a cable. Wireless charging involves a transmitting pad and a receiver without the need to be aligned or make electrical contact with a dock or plug. The wireless standard for inductive charging is Qi, which has three separate power specifications: low (5W-7.5W), medium (10W-30W) and high (30W+). Qi charging for mobile devices is between low and medium charging speeds.

What are the benefits of wireless charging?

The convenience of wireless charging from simply attaching a phone to a charging pad makes it easy-to-use without requiring a USB-C charger in order to charge your device. Wireless charging removes the hassle of carrying around extra cords. Another benefit is its universal compatibility. 

Since Qi charging is the universal standard, you can use the same charging pad for multiple devices. Additionally, wireless charging allows for better interface durability because there is no need for frequent plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. This means there will be no wear and tear on smartphone sockets, reducing the weathering of data interface, too.

The coil for wireless charging and the interface does not become exposed to the air, reducing oxidation and corrosion. Wireless charging is programmed to automatically shut off once the smartphone is fully charged. This means less energy consumption, a safer charge, and no overheated battery or phone.

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