Magnetic Charging | MagSafe

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe charging is an improved Qi charging technology that includes perfect alignment, faster charging, safer charging, and convenience. With the arrival of the iPhone 12 models, Apple incorporated the magnetic technology into its design to provide faster wireless charging and easy attachment through magnetism.

MagSafe works through a series of magnets arranged in a circle underneath the wireless charging coils in each phone, ensuring a secure attachment. The charger aligns the charging coil in the MagSafe charger to the charging coil in the iPhone, allowing the charge to be more efficient as it speeds up the power transfer. These magnets recognize other MagSafe compatible accessories to easily and securely attach into place, so MagSafe is not just limited to charging technology.

What is the difference between MagSafe and Qi-enabled wireless chargers?

iPhone 12 models and later will still work with Qi-enabled wireless chargers that delivers a 7.5W charge, however, MagSafe chargers provide a higher charge that is twice as fast, with a rate of 15W. MagSafe technology ensures a faster charge and a secure magnetic attachment to eliminate the worry of the phone un-attaching.

MagSafe charging is also a safer way to charge your phone quickly. Previously, there were no safe methods to charging phones quickly without overloading the battery or electronic parts inside the phone. MagSafe technology achieves fast charge without the risk of damaging the device. With a new ecosystem of MagSafe devices from phone cases with MagSafe technology, to wallets, covers, mounts, wireless chargers, and more, MagSafe makes it easier to wirelessly charge devices and still use them at the same time without disrupting the charge progress.


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