Fast Charging

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a popular feature to today’s popular electronics including smartphones and wireless headphones. Wireless charging allows users to place wireless charging-enabled devices on a charging pad that is plugged into the wall and the device starts charging without the need for a cable.

The first models of wireless charging could only charge 5W or less, making it remarkably less than wired charging.  In order for a device to fast charge, it needs to be fast charge-compatible and a wireless charger that supports fast charge with an adapter to deliver the necessary power. Regular wireless chargers use the Qi standard of up to 15W on compatible devices, known as Extended Power Profile (EPP).

Fast charging transfers more power to the device while it charges, resulting in less charge times. The charging speed involves powering a device at full speed, then decreases slightly toward the end of the charging cycle. With this design, devices with almost an empty battery will benefit the most from fast charging. How fast a device charges depends on various factors, such as the battery, the manufacturer, etc.

USB Power Delivery (PD)

The USB Power Delivery, or USB PD, enables devices to charge faster in a shorter period of time by increasing the amount of power (Watts) of up to 100W! USB Fast charging is perfectly safe and reliable because USB PD-enabled devices have control of requesting and managing the received power. In other words, your devices and smartphones know how much power it needs so it does not over-charge and remains safe!

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