The atomi advantage

Our customers have come to expect atomi products to push the envelope of modern day design, technology and innovation. And we expect even more. Every day, we challenge ourselves to look at charging solutions and apparel differently to provide you with new solutions to enhance your life. That’s the atomi advantage: really cool products made for the real world.

Experience Yourself
We’re a different kind of company, as you can tell by our diverse line of products. We don’t put limits on our thinking—if we have a great idea, it doesn’t matter what it’s for, we want to create it. However, our passion lies with tech and apparel. Bringing new inspiration to charging, home automation, travel and clothing is what we do best. Just ask our customers.

Customer Happiness

Customer satisfaction is one thing. Complete customer happiness is a whole different level of service—one that we strive to achieve with every customer and every product. Our products are designed to make your life easier, as is our customer support and guarantees.

Unparalleled Diversity

Technology. Apparel. Travel. Home Automation. To say our product line is diverse is an understatement. However, the one thing all our products have in common is innovation. From Ai Smart Charge technology to HydroFreeze X instant cooling clothing, we bring something different to every product line.

Ai Smart Charge

Our charging solutions feature Ai Smart Charge —atomi’s unique, fast-charging technology. Ai Smart Charge identifies your devices and delivers the fastest charge based on the device. Compatible with virtually every phone and tablet, Ai Smart Charge lets you spend more time doing and less time charging.

Qi Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charging is an innovation in the industry. By using inductive power transfer to charge devices, Qi charge pads don’t require expensive charging cables. At atomi, we are continuously developing new Qi solutions to change the way you charge for the better.

Qualcomm 3.0

This next-generation fast-charge technology delivers an optimum power transfer to your device to speed up charge times. And we have it. atomi chargers that are Qualcomm 3.0 compatible are designed to power up devices in no time, reducing your downtime.

Smart Home Automation

We put controlling your house in the palm of your hand…no matter where you go. Turn on and off your lights or appliances via an atomi smartplug from your phone even when you’re out. The atomi connect app makes it simple to manage your energy use. It even pairs with Amazon Echo and Google Home easily.
Our solutions are made for busy, active lives. Your life. With atomi, you and your devices can go longer, do more, reach goals and TAKE CHARGE.